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Stonehouse Physiotherapy is a full-service clinic in Neepawa, Manitoba owned and operated by Susan Kohinski. The clinic specializes in general physiotherapy services, as well as pelvic floor physiotherapy, acupuncture & cupping, dry needling, concussion management, pre & post op rehabilitation, musculoskeletal injuries, Pilates, and yoga.

Susan graduated from the University of Manitoba’s School of Medical Rehabilitation with her bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. She has interests in sports injuries, concussion management and women’s health (pelvic floor physiotherapy).

Growing up Susan loved soccer and running, and found physiotherapy was the perfect way to integrate her passion for a healthy lifestyle with her desire to help others.

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We offer a variety of therapy services for the treatment, care, and prevention of injury.
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Pelvic Floor Therapy at Stonehouse Physiotherapy in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada


A pelvic floor physiotherapist is specially trained to assess and treat the external and internal structures that make up your pelvic floor. Symptoms may include incontinence/frequency issues, pelvic pain, prolapse, or even low back, hip, or groin pain. An internal exam is not always necessary, and you can discuss with your therapist whether it would be necessary for your treatment.

Acupuncture, Cupping, and Dry Needling at Stonehouse Physiotherapy in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada


Acupuncture, dry needling, and cupping are specializations of some physiotherapists, and can be included for muscle relaxation or treatment of pain. Acupuncture involves the specific placement of thin needles into areas of the body stimulating the nerves, telling the brain to release endorphins. While not part of every treatment, acupuncture is used quite often in our therapy sessions and can be discussed as treatment options.

Concussion Management


Concussion treatment may include education, prevention methods, and management of symptoms. Treatment also includes a specific recommendation regarding return to work/play/school. Susan is involved in baseline concussion testing in the MJHL, which helps us make comparisons through post-injury testing and then aides in determining when the athlete can safely resume activity.  

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